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What's New

10 Feb 2018Added photos of an array based on P2.5 LED modules
14 Dec 2017Added photo of a buck converter that exploded on the Fence Pixel Issues page
19 Jul 2017Updated the IR Illuminator page
15 Jul 2017Added an IR Illuminator project page
13 Jul 2017Split up the content of the Fence Pixels page into three tabs
16 Jun 2017Updated the Track Lighting page
18 Apr 2017Renamed Other Pixel Projects page to LED Lighting
18 Apr 2017Added LED Lighting catagory to Favorites page
16 Apr 2017Added Cabinet Lights project
16 Apr 2017Added Track Lighting project
16 Apr 2017Added photos of experimenting with the Jumbotron panels
05 Jan 2017Added photo of warm white lighting strips in use
03 Dec 2016Added buck converter photos to Fence Pixels page
20 Jul 2016Added Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin & Illinois railroad attractions to Trains page
18 Jul 2016Added Iowa railroad attractions to Trains page
06 Jun 2016Added selector tabs to top of 64x64 array and favorties pages
04 Jun 2016Refined site HTML. Hopefully nothing broken
27 Jun 2016Added page selected indicator to menubar
27 Jun 2016Added 'engineering paper' background to all pages.
16 Jun 2016Added Science Fair stuff to Rocket Launcher page.
28 May 2016Another failure on the fence.
02 Apr 2016Started expanding the Z8000 page.
31 Mar 2016Fixed Scrambler decoder view counter that was showing the Launcher view count.
30 Mar 2016Added two more photos to Fence Pixels page
27 Mar 201664x64 array featured on Hackaday.com
20 Mar 2016Added more details to Rocket Launcher page
11 Jul 2015Added pixel extenders water damage photo
30 Jun 2015Fence west-side power supply failure
20 May 2015Added Pixel Extenders category
20 May 2015Added Warm White pixels photo
10 May 2015Another dead fence pixel
08 May 2015Added 128x128 LED array page
17 Apr 2015Fence east-side power supply failure
29 Mar 2015More dead fence pixels
23 Mar 2015Added Fence Pixels perimeter lighting photo
26 Feb 2015Added Christmas lighting favorites
23 Feb 2015Added many new favorites and this change history
22 Feb 2015Added Web Sites category, Photography category, dog photos, and favorites
21 Feb 2015Added Vintage Hardware category. New side-bar layout
19 Feb 2015Added Scrambler Decoder and Rocket Launcher projects