Web Favorites

Beevo's World - Astronomy, Ham Radio and living proof ADD is alive and well.
Home Brew CPU - Magic-1 is a completely homebuilt minicomputer.
Cathode Corner - The projects of David Forbes.
Mike's Electric Stuff
Crabfu - Artist, Animator, Toy Maker, Tinkerer.
Paper Puzzle Parade - An expedition into cardboard science.

Alan's Electronic Projects
Hacked Gadgets
Adafruit Learning System
Circuits@Home - A Solder Joint
Discover Circuits - Over 40,000 electronic circuits
Basic Electronics Tutorials
All About Circuits


Reverse engineering wireless weather stations
Decoding NOAA weather radio with an Arduino


ARM mbed - Developer site
Embedded Artists - The Art of Embedded Systems Development Made Easy
NXP Microcontrollers
Arduino Projects (on All About Circuits)


Ray Wu's Store
Adafruit LED projects
Do It Yourself Christmas lighting
Australian Christmas Lighting

Nixie & Oscilliscope Clocks

Build a Nixie tube digital clock
The Nixie watch
Homemake Nixie clock and Nixie collection
Nixie clock kits
Oscilliscope clock
SparkFun Oscilliscope clock
Nixie and Oscilliscope clocks
Nixie tubes for sale
Nixie tube displays

LED Lighting

Hyperikon LED lighting
LED: 2500K is the new 2700K
LEDs: Fighting Flicker

PC Boards


Pad2Pad - PCB Manufacturer    (Facebook)
OSHPARK - We make perfect purple PCBs promptly


Seeed Studio - Fusion PCB & PCB Assembly & Flexible PCB    (Facebook)
JLCPCB - PCB Prototype & PCB Fabrication Manufacturer    (Facebook)
PCBCart - PCB Manufacturing and Assembly All in One Place    (Facebook)
Gold Phoenix - PCB board manufacturing, PCB prototyping service & PCB assembling services
PCB-POOLŪ Prototype