Water proofing the ECG-PPR-B-C v1.5

Water proofing the ECG-PPR-B-C v1.5 differential receiver from Joshua Systems using adhesive lined heat shrink tubing and JST JWPF water-proof connectors.

The top right 4-pin connector is for power. Doubling up the power pins allows for more current. This connector only powers the pixels, not the receiver.

The lower right 8-pin connector is data, however unlike the Joshua differential driver board, I only use the blue pair for powering the receiver making the brown pair a spare.

On the left are two 3-pin pixel connectors. Since I only use self-clocking pixels, I am using the clock line on the receiver for a second data channel.

The right connectors have heat-shrink to keep water out of the cable jacket and to make them less white, and less visible, on a black fence in daylight.

Here is an example of the damage caused by water. In this case the damage was severe enough to short out the power.

The 3-lead flat wire has small valleys between the leads which allows water to get under the heat shrink if it is not sealed well enough. After losing two receivers to water damage I started super gluing the edges of the head shrink