LED Lighting

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I was tired of not being able to find things in my cabinet, so I added LED lighting.

Here are the components I assembled for this project.

The LED strips (30/meter 2700K) are stuck to molding so they will be angled in the cabinet, rather than facing straight down or straight back. These are installed in the cabinet using double face tape.

At the bottom left are two magnetic reed switches used to detect when either cabinet door is open.

Bottom center is a mosfet switch with a primary 3-pin connector and two 2-pin connectors for the reed switches. This is to eliminate any amount of current from flowing through the reed switches and damaging them, and unlike a relay it is completely silent.

The barrel connector will come out the back of the cabinet for a 12v / 2amp power brick to plug into.

The 3-conductor cable harness on the right has six 2-pin connectors, one for the light strips above each shelf, and a 3-pin connector on one end that plugs into the mosfet switch. The barrel connector wire will be attached to the other end.