64x64 LED Array

  Array Images Construction

Yes, building an LED array may seem rather pointless, but isn't that often the case with a home brew project?

I wanted to see how an array with a spacing of 10mm (100/meter) looked compared to my previous array which was 16.67mm (60/meter). I also wanted to see if adding a diffuser layer would improve the viewability of the array. It does!

In the above photo the array is not square do to the camera angle. The separation down the center is the result of the pixels not being evenly attached to the board yet.

At the time I was the lead engineer for the native-code Windows UI at Sococo, so I created a modified version of their windows client to display a live bobble head on the panel. The bobble head is displayed at 40% intensity.

It will be a bit flimsy standing it upright until I attach an aluminum frame to the back of the board and attach the diffuser to the front of the board.

Some parts of the array appear to be more fuzzy. This is because without the frame the board is not flat preventing the diffuser from being a uniform distance from the pixels. Also, the protective plastic is still attached to the transparent acrylic spacer and diffuser.

The actual size of the array is 640mm x 640mm. Construction details

Functioning clocks

Live video

Additional test images