Fence Pixels 2014

In April 2014 I torn down the original fence pixels. They were extremely unreliable and I had to replace several dead pixels every week. The signs were there from day one when six of the eight strings I purchased had dead pixels right out of the box.

I contacted Ray Wu in May and he was aware that his "Technicolor Pixels" had issues but he assured me the problems had been correct and the new version would be reliable. So I took a chance and ordered replacement strings, which I tested when they arrived, and there were no dead pixels.

I finally have put the new strings into operation with the big difference being 10cm spacing whereas last year the spacing was 15cm increasing the total pixels to 665 over last year's 440.

The strings have been cut to lengths that fit between the fence posts and the stock connectors have been replaced with much smaller JST JWPF waterproof connectors which you can see in use here.

The 12 volt pixel power is supplied by 25 amp buck converters mounted on each corner post which are fed from a 35 volt 14 awg lead that runs along the rail next to the pixels.

11/23/14 - I already have my first bad pixel. There is one stuck blue. It is not effecting following pixels yet. I would not recommend buying any of the version 1 or 2  Technicolor Pixels.

11/24/14 - I now have a second stuck blue pixel!
11/25/14 - And now a third stuck red pixel!
11/26/14 - Now a forth stuck green pixel.

When I get a dead pixel I am now replacing that segment of pixels between the posts with pixels that have been "sealed" with Loctite 406, which is applied around the LED hat and the wire entry points.

01/16/15 - Dead pixel which also blocked signal to remaining pixels.
02/24/15 - I have one intermittenly blue pixel.
03/29/15 - Three fence sections went out which also blocks the signal to the following seven sections.
03/22/15 - The new version 3 epoxy resin filled Technicolor Pixels are now available.
03/30/15 - The fence sections that went out last night were do to a melted down pixel.
04/17/15 - East-side power supply failure.
05/10/15 - Pixel failure. Pixel went dark forcing the remainder of the string to full white. Lots of rain
06/30/15 - West-side power supply failure.
05/28/16 - East-side failure of the pixel receiver and data cable connector do to water incursion, and the buck converter for unknown reasons. Also replaced power and data cables to first post after my puppy dug them up and chewed on them.
11/19/16 - Finally got around to replacing the west side power and data cables to first post do to puppy chewing.
12/03/16 - Replaced west side buck converter do to puppy chewing on the connector which happened last summer.

Fence pixel melted down on 30 March 2015

Fence pixels 2014 - Perimeter lighting.

Fence pixels 2014 - 665 individually computer controlled LEDs over 200 feet.

Puppy chewing damage to connector

Fence pixels 2013 - 440 individually computer controlled LEDs over 200 feet.

Smoothly cycling through the color spectrum. The meteor takes a fast flight around the yard.

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